The Brent Renaud Foundation hosted a Remembrance Day Celebration on March 12, 2023.

One year after Brent was killed in Ukraine.  

The family and foundation wanted to thank the community for all the love, support and generous donations. 

Brent was also honored on March 13, 2023 at the Arkansas State Capitol. 

Governor Sarah Sanders presented the family with a Proclamation recognizing March 13, 2023 as Brent Renaud Day.  

Senator Clarke Tucker presented a Resolution to the Senate Floor on March 13, 2023 honoring Brent’s life and work.  

Representative Andrew Collins presented a Resolution to the House Floor on March 13, 2023 honoring Brent’s life and work.  

Renie Rule, Brent Renaud Foundation Board Member began the presentation for the event with the following words:

“Today is about YOU and all the emotional, financial, and omni-present support you have given to the Renaud, Fraesier and Purifoy families.  On behalf of the Board of the Brent Renaud Foundation – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

 Immediately following Brent’s death, the family received calls and letters from President Zelinsky, President Clinton, Governor Hutchinson and other dignitaries.  All of them saluted Brent with incredible and true descriptions – well-known, film-maker, outstanding photographer, Emmy Winner and many more accolades.  But, perhaps the most telling statement was by a young boy at the Covenant House in New Orleans when he said,  “Brent wouldn’t care how people remember him; he didn’t have an ego.  Brent does care that you always remember the human faces in his films.”

Renie continued by introducing Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott, “Mayor Scott was instrumental in assisting with March 13th,  after Brent’s death by lighting the bridges in Little Rock, preparing a resolution from the City about Brent’s work, and amidst his busy schedule able to worship with us during Brent’s death.” 

Brent’s family thanked all those who attended and the program ended with a moment of silence and Kathleen McMurray from Pulaski Heights Methodist Church closed with a benediction.